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Our Team

Jørgen Ranum Krokstad

General manager | jorgen@gfms.no

Jørgen Ranum Krokstad has a PhD from NTNU in Marine Technology and many years of experience with marine solutions from SINTEF, and offshore wind installations at Statkraft. His theoretical skills and practical experience bring a high value to the company.

Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug

Chairman of the board | olegunnar@gfms.no

Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug is a mechanical engineer working as a Professor at NTNU. He has his specialization in wind- and hydro-turbines, and experience from 5 start-up companies.

Elin Ulstad Stokland

Board member | elinus@gfms.no

Elin Ulstad Stokland has a MSc from NTNU in Marine Technology and key experience from BOA which support services to the marine, offshore, and offshore wind industry.

Fredrik Storflor Moen

Board member | fredrik@gfms.no

Fredrik Storflor Moen has MSc from NTNU in Industrial Economics and Technology Management. He has an extensive experience as a business manager, a broad network and is working actively as a board member.

Magne Tveit Bolstad

Team member | magne@gfms.no

Magne Tveit Bolstad has a MSc from NTNU in Energy and Process Engineering, with specialization within hydropower energy. He is also a certified sheet metal worker with many years' experience from industrial production of pumping systems for the marine industry.

Karen Dahlhaug

Team member

Karen Dahlhaug is a student taking a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering at NTNU, and is working with the team part time to provide valuable input.