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WindBarge aims for the commercial market for intermediate waters. These are depths with a large energy potential in the shores surrounding Europe, USA and other areas like the Taiwan Strait. It is especially suited for the Northern Sea where these depths are covering a substantial area.


In the Norwegian area, Southern North Sea II is a potential area suitable for the WindBarge technology. The main goal is to develop floating technology with lower LCoE and CAPEX than the existing deep draft floaters and bottom-fixed technology operating today. The ambition for GFMS is to deliver 1% of the total European offshore wind capacity within 2030 and at least 2% within 2050. This will require 47 units, each 15 MW to be delivered by 2030 and by 2050, 23 units will be built every year.

The WindBarge can be designed for wind turbines at any size and from any manufacturer, giving the design the flexibility to take up a larger percent of today's wind market.

The WindBarge can also be used for future wind park extensions in parks where previously cost efficient and suitable technology was missing.

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