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Our Innovative Technology


WindBarge is a floating structure for offshore wind turbines with single line mooring, which enables floating wind turbines in water depths from 40 to 100 meters. Due to its simplicity, it will significantly reduce the costs for production, installation, maintenance, and removal of offshore wind turbines. The cost of energy is targeted to reach established bottom fixed offshore wind technology.


The WindBarge floater will be fabricated in standard shipyards for integrated installation in shallow water depths less than 10 meter. Installation of the turbine will be dockside or in existing docks dependent on size of the WindBarge. The floater will be towed integrated with its turbine to its wind farm location without the use of expensive installation vessels. The project will utilize a single line mooring position system making the installation process and off-hocking simple and fast. The single line technology improves the capability to position the floater optimal from the wake upstream turbine. This feature leads to a potential increase in energy production. The single line mooring and integrated cable with possible redundancy included, will be detachable on the barge, making it easy to tow the WindBarge to safe harbors for major maintenance.


The conceptual idea behind WindBarge has been inspired by the inventor’s participation in technology qualification of offshore wind foundations together with several studies at NTNU and Norconsult.