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NorthWind partner will develop barge concept

The Research Council of Norway awarded a new Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector (IPN) to NorthWind partner GFMS.

The project will develop the WindBarge concept, which is a floating structure for offshore wind turbines that can work at water depths of as little as 30 metres. Some unique features of this concept are: low environmental footprint, single-line mooring, wedge-shaped barge-type floater integrated with the mooring system, protected docking area in the stern of the floater, and low draught which enables the turbine to be installed dockside in moderate water depth shipyards.

The floating wind turbine will be tested in the hydrodynamic laboratory at NTNU to verify motion damping devices, motion accelerations, non-linear dynamic stability and green seas loads on deck. When fully developed, WindBarge will compete with existing bottom-fixed solutions.

The project is led by GFMS and has the following partners:

  • NTNU

  • Vattenfall

  • Fosen Yard

  • EDR & Medeso

  • Norconsult,

  • CFD Marine

  • APL Norway

The WindBarge concept would allow for the positioning of floating wind turbines at water depths as low as 30 metres.


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