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Green Floating

Marine Structures

Cost competetive offshore wind solutions

for a sustainable future

Clever solutions from beginning to end

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What do we do?

GFMS is developing the WindBarge, which is a low draft floater design with single line mooring developed for large offshore wind turbines. The design enables floating wind turbines in water depths from 40 to 80 meters. 

Why do we do it?

We aim to challenge and extend established bottom fixed offshore wind park solutions.

Due to the WindBarge's simplicity, it will significantly reduce the costs for production, installation, maintenance and removal of offshore wind turbines. 

In addition, the technology will significantly reduce environmental footprint.

Let's have a talk

Let's connect and discuss how we together can contribute to a better world and at the same time make investment grow.

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Articles about GFMS

The WindBarge is an interesting floating wind technology, which has the potential to compete with the existing bottom fixed solution of today.

It’s exciting to see a floater that can be assembled in any shipyard.

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